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“we strive to make the world a more beautiful and functional place, one space at a time. Our mission is to bring art, design, and functionality together to create interior spaces that inspire, comfort, and delight, enriching the lives of our clients and the communities we serve."

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Contemporary country house facade in winter

Founded in 2013, PDS emerged as a dynamic architectural and interior design studio. From its inception, the firm has steadily grown to establish itself as a prominent name in the world of interior design, particularly in the realm of mid-size hospitality, residential, and commercial projects.

Our team possesses a deep understanding of the industry landscape. This experience equips us to manage intricate projects with remarkable efficiency, delivering exceptional results within accelerated timelines. As experienced hospitality interior designers, our commitment to a seamless client onboarding process ensures a smooth collaboration from the outset.

Our approach encompasses a spectrum of services, ranging from initial feasibility studies and strategic guidance to comprehensive tender and construction packages. Additionally, we provide expertise in FF&E specification and value engineering services. Our team of dedicated architects and designers meticulously determine and approve costs during the early phases of project deliberation.

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interior design

Facade of Building with Modern Architectural Design


architectural design

Project management


project management

Japanese Interior Design

interior design


Assessing and optimizing the layout and functionality of interior spaces.


Creating design concepts, themes, and mood boards to guide the project.

Color and Material Selection

Advising on color palettes, finishes, and materials for walls, floors, and furnishings.

Furniture and Fixture Selection

Recommending and sourcing furniture, lighting, and fixtures

that align with the design concept.

Custom Furniture Design

Designing and crafting bespoke furniture pieces tailored to the client's needs.

Textile and Fabric Selection

Choosing fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and other soft furnishings.

Accessories and Artwork

Selecting decorative items, artwork, and accessories to enhance the design.

Sustainable Design

Integrating eco-friendly and sustainable design practices and materials.

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Contemporary Architecture

architectural design

Architect Using Compass on Blueprint Construction Project

Architectural Planning

Creating building plans and blueprints for residential and commercial spaces.

Building Renovation

Renovating and remodeling existing structures to improve functionality and aesthetics.

New Construction

Designing and overseeing the construction of new buildings, homes, or commercial properties.

Site Analysis

Evaluating the location, environmental factors, and site-specific considerations.

3D Visualization

Utilizing 3D modeling and rendering to provide clients with visual representations of designs.

Code Compliance

Ensuring that designs adhere to local building codes and regulations.

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project management

Budget Management

Monitoring project expenses and cost control to stay within the budget.

Quality Control

Ensuring that workmanship meets the highest standards and design specifications.

Client Communication

Maintaining regular communication with clients, providing updates, and addressing concerns.

project planning

Developing project timelines, budgets, and milestones.

contractor selection

Recommending and liaising with contractors, builders, and tradespeople.

Project Oversight

Managing and supervising construction and renovation work to ensure it aligns with the design plan.

Engineer or Architect
Shenzhen Financial District commercial building office building


design services

handbag retail fasion store and showcase.

Corporate Offices

Retail Spaces

Hospitality Establishments

Healthcare Facilities

Restaurants and Cafes

Educational Institutions

Public Spaces





Courtyard Marriott hotel Pattaya Thailand, Classic modern Lobby of hotel
Living Room in Minimalist Design


design services

Hotel Room









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Modern Multilevel House Exterior with Pool


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